Useful Information as a turist in a pleasure craft

Baltic Sea Cruising Network (BSCN) - Objectives

On behalf of the members:

Inspire Cruising in the Baltic Sea including Norway and the UK (extended Baltics)

  • Establish personal relationships and friendship between cruising communities in the member clubs and countries.
  • To be a forum to raise and resolve matters of common interest or concern
  • To encourage members to use the extended Baltic cruising area across borders by:


Gather and disseminate “Useful Information”:

Such information shall be gathered by each country and made available to all members.
The information is gathered in “Useful Information” with a full version being published once a year by all the member organisations.

  • Legislation/formalities, rules, regulations and practices
  • Limitations to navigation and special hazards
  • Communication
  • Safety issues
  • Sailing conditions
  • Weather forecasts
  • Entry and exit procedures
  • Equipment standards (e.g. gas cylinders and regulators)
  • Technical standards in marinas (general)
  • Service and repair facilities including long term storage
  • Provisioning
  • Basic information about other countries


Promote new cruising areas and encourage development of facilities

  • Information about new marinas and services for cruisers
  • Special events e.g. gatherings and rallies
  • Culture and nature
  • Present new services including storage and major overhauls


Establish contacts to support cruisers and facilitate personal friendship

  • Provide the information above
  • Contacts that can provide help on the spot
  • Contacts that can answer specific queries